Thursday, March 9, 2006



baran said...

Grapes, Yogurt, and tangerines don’t go well together, whatever you were trying to show, you failed Big Time! This pic doesn’t make any sense for me, and I have to say it’s one of your worst! Disappointing!

soheil said...

maybe it doesn't make sense to baran but it makes lots of sense to me who has spent so many nights with yogurt and fermented grapes and farhad.This shows how superficial some women are and this is the real disappointment.

asabani said...

The photos are very nice!!!!:D
movafagh bashi!

Anonymous said...

hey Another blogger's fan lol
actually another stupid!
Soheil where are u from?From Africa?which Art point do u find in his pics...I don't know what I have to say...just

baran said...

The best thing about this web log is that you get to learn stuff about yourself ;) , for example, today I have learned that there is a positive correlation between the meaning of this “Precious Photo” and “Shallowness of my character”!