Friday, March 31, 2006

A Question From The Ground!


baran said...

Where was this pic taken?

a.k said...

I'm so glad that u left the bed to show us another masterpeice lol ;) nice shot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger
I think you made a mistake in the subtitle of this photo(spellin of cemetry)...check it pls!;)
By the way it's stunning.

rojaveh said...

honey i've come back after long time beeing outside of the what's up here?you have too many enemies,you know it?the amount of your enemies everyday are increasing,what have u done in this period?wowwwwwwwwwww where is ur dear swetiee friend?

asabani said...

A real nice shot!!!!

jelouse boy said...

blogger , it's true u spent all your time in the bed to fuck?in this case you are so lucky man!what about azzzzzzin-ur partener(according to your friends comment)is she enough sexy?
so pls in those holy moments remember all boyzzz all over the country ,good luck

asabani said...

Thanx for ur comment!
Actually it wasn't my eye.....;)
Age khoobe khoob deghat koni, in ye akse kheili maroofe Ralph Gibson hastesh, ke rooye jeldeh majalehye "Herfeh Honarmand"(One of the best art magazine here)chap shode bood!
Some say it was a big trick putting a foot on it, so others might think that it's my own art, but i don't think so!
Ghablan ham goftam, kheili etefaghi ye akse aali az ab dar umad!